Alton Towers

It was a very early, wet and damp Sunday Morning on June 24th everyone arrived at the Freeman hospital for about 5am although still half asleep and blurrier eyed but very excited to be setting off on an adventure to the UK’S biggest theme park “Alton Towers”

As the rain was still lashing down from the heavens above we were still optimistic that the weather would brighten up by the time we had arrived at Alton towers so this kept our excitement levels high. As the bus slowly rolled up into Washington services to pick Amy and Beth up the rain was till hammering down on the roof of the bus however we were all settled and looking forward to a good day out with friends and having a good catch up as the bus trundled down the highways and byways. At about 5:15am I made a prank call to Alex suggesting the bus had already left scotch corner where he was due to be picked up so we all had a laugh about that, when the bus finally reached scotch corner the rain as still trickling down the windows of the bus and as Alex walked on he look liked a drowned rat oh dear poor Alex, never mind he soon dried up on the bus, it was then the journey really began everyone was on-board it was a great atmosphere everyone discussing what rides they were going on, what they had been up to extra.

Some people choose to have a sleep as it was still pretty early after all and the rest of us watched the film in which the driver had kindly put on. Many hours later we had arrived at our destination Alton Towers. It was a bright and sunny day down south which put the Northeast to shame so we didn’t miss much up in this area of the world. When we got into the theme park we all followed Alex and went on Sonic Spin Ball, it was a fast adrenaline filling ride which spun round as it was propelled around the tracks at great speed. The next ride people went on was Air, a roller coaster in which riders could dangle their feet precariously in the air and hold on tight.

Next up was a ride called RIPSAW. This ride went upside down and as it did water fountains splashed riders with water so they were soaking. Staying with the team of soaking everyone when on the log flume and then the river rapids where the girls got a GREAT picture taken of them and sadly me, Daymon and Lorraine did not as we were more focused on not getting wet and we nearly succeeded until crowds watching the ride soaked us using water guns attached to the footpath above so we got wet that way and we looked a mess but it was great fun.

In the afternoon we all went on more rides which included the big ride OBLIVION which had a steep vertical drop of 60 metres. We finished the day by trying out the Willy Wonker and the Chocolate factory ride it was not as impressive as it sounds, in fact it was considered very “cheesy” and “Lame”.

At 5:15pm we all boarded back onto the bus for the long ride home and some of us were exhausted and when to sleep whilst others listened to the England Match. In all it was a FANTASTIC day everyone had a great time and we’ll all would like to thank Lorraine very very much for organising such a great event.

Also thank you to our local TKPA for providing the money for the coach

Keith Vickers
Keith Vickers
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