Newcastle Race Course

Newcastle Race Course

Thanks to our vice chairman David Errington and his business Malone and Sons we organised an afternoon at the races on Friday 15th August 2014 using their private box and terrace and as you can see it was well attended.

We had members both old and young attending for what was a great afternoon of horse racing, conversation, gambling and the occasion alcoholic beverage.

It was nice to see patients who I have known for years and despite the usual array of health issues they all helped make this one of the best days out we have organised in a long time.
As for the anticipated success of bankrupting the bookmakers, well let’s just say better luck next time, most of my selection are still running. I am sure someone must have won but if they did there keeping it very quiet.

The only winners that day where the patients who came a long and the TKPA who received £160 from the raffle, which David had the good sense to collect from us before the first race.
On behalf of the charity I would like to thank David for organising the event and for Malone and Sons for the free use of their hospitality box.

The only sure bet is we will hopefully be organising another day like this.

Keith Vickers
Keith Vickers
We support kidney patients in Tyneside, Northumberland and Durham who are on some form of treatment for renal failure.

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