Holiday Dialysis

Tyneside Kidney Patients Association

Most people need a break from time to time, and kidney patients are no exception! Holidays are a great way to reinforce the fact that you can still enjoy the good things in life as a kidney patient – and they also provide a welcome break for carers.

Business travel is also a common requirement of many jobs nowadays, and again there is often no reason why kidney patients should not be able to make business trips from time to time – either in the UK, or abroad.

For most patients — whatever therapy they are on — travel and holidays will be actively encouraged by the medical team, who will help with the arrangements. Of course it is essential that you check with your renal unit before planning or booking anything – even if you have had a transplant you will still need a letter from them confirming you are fit to travel in order to secure travel insurance, and advice on immunisation.

Travel for kidney patients on dialysis does require more planning, so last minute bookings are not a realistic option. However, the limitations in terms of where you can take a holiday and what sort of holiday you can take are probably far fewer than you would imagine. There is also plenty of help available to assist with the planning process and to help make sure you have a holiday to remember for all the right reasons.

The Freeman Hospital can help you to make arrangements for dialysis away from base whether you are PD or HD.

Please contact Hazel Marchant who is the Data Manager on the Renal Unit at [email protected]