Ben Nevis Trek 2014

Ben Nevis Trek 2014

On the 26th of July 2014 we were the magnificent 7 who scaled Ben Nevis in triumphant glory armed solely with a 6ft pink kidney shaped Kidley in tow and a strong resolve. Thanks to Vanessa and jasmine for a hearty breakfast of champions.

As I obviously portrayed Steve McQueen it was my duty and honour to carry such a lump to the summit.

Cale McCluskey (Charles Bronson) made it her duty to enforce a no race competition and stayed as far back as she could give us time to gaze at such bewildering signs from our amazing vantage point.

Andy Rowell (Yul Brynner) wearing black a man of principals kept us up to date with the time always could be seen with a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

Ivor Haynes (James Coburn) his touch guy imagine scared the sheep a way so wolf (our group dog companion) wouldn’t become fearful for his life.

Jasmine Hyde (Eli Wallach) our great Mexican team member smiled the whole way to the top.
Kathryn Bell (Robert Vaughn) brave and walks like a true cowboy thanks to pulling a tendon in her back during the climb.

Melissa Hardy (Horst Buchholz) cool as a cucumber and always rides horses.

Vanessa Hardy (Brad Dexter) the one who know won can remember the name of. But played a great part in organising the whole event to which many thanks go to. Loved every minute of it but after conquering such a breath taking natural beauty we finally found nirvana and achieve a state of Zen only though possible from years of meditation or a lack of oxygen at 1344m above sea level.

Keith Vickers
Keith Vickers
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